To and fro the planets flow, the stars ablaze in holy praise
The dark of night, the light of day, your love is never far away
We live our lives in balance true, I’m a king so big yet a tiny fool
My blinded eyes have come to see that you’re the one that I hold dear

The sun comes and every day I’m more in love with you
The son comes, in every way I’m more in love with you

Round and round, the meaning’s lost; the mind of man’s tormented ghost
Night and day, from June to May the eleventh hour’s here anyway so
Run and hide, you self-made man, spend your money while you can
The road you walk is short and broad but my joy and strength are in the Lord

Like a bird, I’m caged in space and time
Still I’m all yours and your all mine
Like Enoch, would you rapture me tonight?
If the politicians and gurus flee
Would you hold my hand and stay with me
We could watch here as the world wars on for peace
In times gone by or if some still comes
If man’s hiding in caves or salvation
There’s still one thing I know
You will always come, you will always come
One thing I know, You’ll always come
One thing I know, You’ll always come