You are the Way; Salvation’s road back to God. You are the Truth; The Living Word, you free my mind
You are the Life poured out in full to take my place. We are your bride, you call us home
Your hands and feet, by scars of grace, we are healed. My sacred Priest, night and day you intercede
The Morning Star, glorified and all will see
The Righteous Judge, Our King of Kings
And today may be the day…

You’ll take us up on the clouds
The skies will open wide
As the world stands still
‘Cos no one knows
The day we’re taken away

Search me, try me, know me Lord. While my eyes haven’t seen, let your will be working through me
Let your glory fall, let it rain on me. You’re the Son of God, I believe, I believe
Every knee bowed, every tongue confess that you alone are God, there is none above you
I will live today like today’s the day you will come again, I believe, I believe
Today may be the day….